Happiness is an Ugly Husband?

Printed in Picayune Item  Wed. March 26, 2008

Every day a study comes out...where "THEY" announce some new findings. Now, 'they' are saying that a happy marriage is a woman with an ugly husband.

Well if that is true, then let me be miserable with Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth...the Thor dude!

If I have to sacrifice myself, I will. Doom me to a lifetime of waking up every day beside one of those guys! That's totally depressing...ok...for them maybe.

All this time, I thought a happily married woman was one married to a rich husband! Who knew it had more to do with his face rather than his bank account.

Why does ugly make a woman happy? 

What if you both are attractive?

What if your husband is better looking than you? How does that fit in the happiness scale? 

These studies come out all the time, I remember one that stated ugly men make better lovers...so maybe that has something to do with it?  An old country song suggested that older women make good lovers but can we assume that ALL older women do? IF so, does former First Lady Barbara Bush seem sexy to you?

What's the study mean for husbands who have Trophy wives? That would prove that they have happy marriages.

This 'study' reported that Psychologists who studied newlyweds found men who were better looking than their wives were more likely to be unhappy and have negative feelings about their marriage.

Let me tell you what Tracy says -- "Men who are married to uglier wives probably could care less because they are in love and not infatuated with looks. IF a man is overly concerned about looks, he is not a keeper. Also, a man consumed with being good looking himself does not appeal to me either. If you have to work too hard to be sexy...well, that isn't sexy. I prefer an accidentally sexy man....

But let us examine this particular study....it is not just about having an ugly husband, but one that is uglier than you....so if you are a ten on the beauty scale, lucky you can pick and chose anyone. But, what if you are on the lower end of the scale, say ...a number 2? Your men inventory is now very low if you have to find one with a lower number than you so you can be happy.

So, does this study work in reverse? Are men happier with uglier woman?

With these findings, should I advise my four sons to only date ugly girls?

IN the Celeb world, if you are one of the beautiful people and you marry even an average looking person you are ridiculed by the masses for not marrying another beautiful person. It probably will not make the marriage work anyway since a successful Celeb marriage is a rare discovery.

As for me, I am happily married. What does that mean? As a reader, do you assume that my husband is ugly. My friends have told me that I have a handsome husband. So, that means that I am in a miserable marriage or my friends are liars. No way to win.

I wonder if any of those psychologists are happily married? Did they marry below their number?

As for me, I am not worrying about absurd studies but rather concentrate on my own studies. I have a handsome husband and a happy marriage, so that either makes me severely ugly or their study useless.

On one good note, if this encourages more women to notice the nerdy guy, who may not be so hot, but could possibly make them a happily married woman, then that is cool.

Where was Don Knotts when I was single? He could have made me soooo happy.


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