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Wear those lucky socks! Paint your face! Arrange you’re seating, don’t change your underwear….whatever it takes to make sure your team comes out on top!

I love the wonderment of sports superstitions and the fans that practice it!

Sports fans are passionate. No matter your sports de jour, we are alike under the jerseys and fan paraphernalia.

Are you the super fan who clings to ritual habits to promote fair tides for your favorite team?

Down in my neck of the woods, in south Mississippi, near the boundary of Louisiana we follow our NFL team, the New Orleans Saints.

When Sunday rolled around, it was my dad’s cooking and watching the Saints that brought the family together.

Usually, it was watching them lose. No matter of superstitious activity could help that. I grew up use to losing.
Life stopped for those games.

No phone interruptions...only watching the football game... and you dare not visit or drop by during this period of time...unless you were there for the game.

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