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Are we there yet??

A Classic My Hometown Column
(revised from print in the Picayune Item)

It’s that time again and many of you poor souls are heading out the door with your bags packed and your dog kenneled because its family vacation time! Yeehaw!

We look forward to leaving our daily humdrum and then quickly embrace it once our vacation is over. Most of my trips usually takes weeks to recover from. 
Before the big trip, there are certain aspects of planning that must be accomplished or your lovely time with the love of your life and kids could go awry…..

In my family, I appoint myself head travel agent. Long before we journey I begin plotting, researching, googling and thinking, where, what and how? 
First decision, where are we going?

Never, ever give your children a choice in location. 
Don’t even consult them. 
However, careful strategy is needed for your spouse. You can manipulate the situation ahead of time by throwing out small comments about, how nice it would be in the mountai…