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Historical Hometown Christmas a Caesar Story

Christmas from my hometown, the community of Caesar by Historian Fred Lee.
Christmas at Caesar, Circa 1941Japan had just bombed Pearl Harbor and the folks around Caesar were concerned as was the rest of the nation. Some of the young men of the community had volunteered for the military and had already gone to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina for basic training. The world was changing. Folks at Caesar didn't know much about what was going on in the rest of the world. No one had a radio to listen to the news, that is, except my uncle Chalmers who had a radio that was powered by two big cylindrical batteries. This radio was the only contact we had with the outside world, television not having come to our community at that time. Up until Pearl Harbor his radio was used exclusively for listening to the Grand Ole Opry on clear-channel WSM out of Nashville, TN. The population of Caesar would religiously gather around uncle Chalmer's porch on Saturday night and watch him string the wire-ante…