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Mary Jim dancing Old timey Music Player Piano

My Mom, she enjoys herself everywhere she goes. Isn't that grand?
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Oops! Excuse my accidental racism

Have you ever just said the wrong thing?
Have you ever been so comfortable with your own skin that you made an off color joke about someone else’s?
Or, do you harbor deep thoughts of ill will and dislike that eventually the inside darkness spills out into sunlight, the thoughts become words or actions, leaking out the poison that is within your skin cells?
Then you might be a racist.
Being Southern, talking all country and stuff, doesn’t mean you were born racist, or that is okay to act racist or its mandatory that you apologize and make up for a racist history.
This country gal is a product of a changing world that has embraced the good parts of being from south Mississippi and pushed the ugly back into a dark precipice.
I have witnessed a transformation of white and black growing up together in the sixties and seventies. Uniquely, I am the generation of moving past racial lines.
Honestly, we know this racial transition period has been a rollercoaster ride of high hills and free falls, …

My Hometown USA: Can you spell ENCYCLOPEDIA?

My Hometown USA: Can you spell ENCYCLOPEDIA?: Boopie (Aunt Esther)   My Aunt Esther,affectionately known as Boopie , lived with us when I was very young.  She was an older teen and...

Can you spell ENCYCLOPEDIA?

MyAunt Esther,affectionately known as Boopie, lived with us when I was very young. She was an older teen and more like the cool sister I wish I had rather than an aunt. She taught me at a very young age to spell two big words: Encyclopedia and Czechoslovakia.Why you may ask?
 So that I could show off my brilliant mind of course! Especially since my mod dance moves weren't impressing 1960’s teens.
However, this word trick fed my interest  in vocabulary and once my parents purchased the necessity that every home had to have in the late 60’s and 70’s, the encyclopedia, then my thirst for word knowledge exploded.
The first two thick books of our set were devoted to vocabulary and I use to read the words and their meanings for fun. It had a mock vocabulary test in the front and I use to take those tests—voluntarily.
Those words now escape me.
However, recently while at the gym, the large TV screen before me played the drama of the national spelling contest showing kids spelling words I had n…