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Family Camping, inexpensive or too costly

Camping.  Isn't it all about getting back to nature, the intimacy with grass, trees and rivers while stripping down to the bare necessities, casting off our modern day lives?

I am the outdoorsy type. I can “rough it.” Or at least, I use to could.

In my younger days, going tent camping, which is known as primitive camping these days, was considered recreational.

It was also a great way to have a cheap vacation with the kids.

Back then, I had a young back, a firm bottom and was not so addicted to comfort.

Today, my seen-its better days posture craves memory foam, tempurpedic stuff or sleep numbers. Add my hot flashes which call for an air conditioner and a fan, my aging hair craves a shower, hair gels and hair dryers, my morning routine requires a coffee pot, my nightly bathroom visits necessitate nearby plumbing; all making my comfort zone high on my priority list.

Anything less is miserable.

Camping is, and can be….miserable. Yet, as hard as it is to go through it is much easier …