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The Trekkie within me

Space. We are there. NASA is exploring where no man has gone before.
Time travel? Could it be the Final frontier? It’s true, I am not only a Star Wars geek, but I have Star Trek tendencies as well. Live long and prosper!
My husband thinks one ‘star’ movie is just like the other ‘star’ movie and this we agree to disagree without penalty of divorce.
Essentially, I am a fan of all things STAR, from Star Wars, past, present, and now the future! Add the new J.J. Abrams movie series Star Trek to the old William Shatner campy Sci-fi TV series and The Next Generation with Picard and I am a Trekkie, past, present, and future.
Can you imagine how charged up I am that both my worlds are about to collide, but in a good way. Mr. Abrams who has enthusiastically revived my Trekkie-ness by recreating the new Star Trek into a new, sleek theatrical explosion of balanced plot, fun, and all things Trek, has recently agreed to take on the Jedi kingdom as well.

May the force be with him!
As I watched this weekend…

At the check out line

Check it out!There you are minding your own business....and BAM! They gotcha! You fall victim to their evil plan. You are manipulated, tempted and baited with items at the check out counter. Why? Because they can!

You are in the convenient check outline!!I try not to give in to the corporate plot that wants me to buy an impulse item! Out of stubborn refusal, I stand defiant, but their techniques are strong and in certain weak moments, I cave. 

Secret plots! Paranoia! I wonder if the store's strategic policy is to purposely refuse putting more cashiers out, so the lines move slowly, so that I end up staring at the convenient items displayed around me longer, beckoning me to spend my money.
Add kids and it’s not only temptation alley but a power struggle with whinyrug-rats who are affected by the ‘greedy gimme’s’ thanks to the properly placed convenient toys.Who gets to the cashier and thinks, “Oh! I forgot a toy! I need a hot wheels fast! Or an overly priced sucker with a spinning lig…

Is American Idol becoming Idle?

Yo, Dawg, say it isn’t so! The ratings have been dropping, the judges have been fighting, the tweaking has been disastrous, and the talent this year, amazing! 
This... is, or was, American Idol.
When success begins to slip away, the magic starts to fade, and your competition is winning, some say time to wrap it up American Idol, but let’s not forget what a well-oiled machine this show has been since 2002.
As a fan of the show and of music, I am bonafide when it comes to giving my solutions to the problem. Will they work? Has anything lately?
The reality television show has produced superstars where they were none before.
However, now tens of thousands of delusional singers think they have what it takes to fulfill a dream of musical super-stardom.
Idol did more than give a stage to rising musical wannabes; it allowed us, the viewer, a peek at the journey, from conception to fulfillment. We were there when the young singer auditioned, filled with hope, cheered for the contestant as they sn…



At the buffet

You just get what you want. the buffet
Maybe you can call me a buffet snob, maybe I avoid restaurants with the word buffet in its title because I lack self control, maybe I like sitting and having someone serve me for a change, or maybe I enjoy life's surprises even when it involves ordering something from a regular restaurant that sounded good on the menu but once it entered my mouth my taste buds said no way!

Possibly you are one of the millions that hit the buffet lines, especially after a church service, and you love the benefits of multi-choice entrees and veggies all laid out before you at reasonable prices. There is nothing wrong with a buffet lover unless you are going there for quantity of food and your seat belt is not fastening as it is. Then you are a like the drunk stopping at the local bar and you both have a problem. Just say no to the buffet!

Senior adults love buffets. 

Sometimes that is all they will go out to eat and they will completely avoid menu driven rest…