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My Brother's Journey with Depression

This is my brother's words, its his fight against depression.
by Joe Weems

Why do many of us like the underdog?? In many cases the underdog is filled with a sense of hope and anticipation of future success and victory. This victory will only come with a consistent undeniable dedication to one"s best effort.

It's rarely seen these days........ Perhaps that's the reason we are so fascinated with the story??!! Either way......the draw to these individuals/teams are real and bring much inspiration in a world that truly needs inspiring. What inspires you? What gets under your tough leathery layers to the part of you that can still be molded and shaped into something better...... More positive!!!

Dealing with ever worsening depression for nearly two decades I have held on to any inspiration I could find....... I was desperate at times. Many individuals would be surprised at the places and moments I found these much needed boosts. This statement sounds so "matter of fa…