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Living a Dog's Life

Published January 19, 2011  The Picayune Item I looked around one day for an escape hatch, an exit door, a Calgon bath but as usual,I found no way to relieve myself of a moment of mom erosion.

For ten days the kids had been home because of a wonderful event, nine inches of snow in North Alabama. At least, wonderful at the onset, but by the tenth day I was ready for the kids to start back to school.

Being a mother and wife isn’t all it’s cracked up to be … some days
Struggling through this familiar adversity, at a moment of intense agitation with the people I live with, I looked down at my dog of nearly two years, Cody, and made the statement, “Oh, to have your life!”

Which got me thinking, how wonderful to be a pampered pooch. I am not saying all dogs have it made, but here in America, it can be ridiculous— the luxurious lifestyles of a canine. Doggie spa’s, doggie retreats, and doggie entertainment are a big business.

Poor Cody lives a normal but pleasant doggie life. No doggie bon bons.

Fireflies and Faeries

Checking off an Item from my Bucket List:

Growing up in South Mississippi, in the rural area of Caesar, one of my fondest memories is hanging outside, and especially at night. For some reasons, snakes, spiders, ticks, and any other creepy crawler didn't hinder me from participating in this nightly activity...
My little mind was always creating and dreaming. So, when those seasonal visits of fireflies filled the woods across the street from my home, I was there, watching in awe...mesmerized by the beauty and somehow the miracle of it all.

I pretended the swirling colorful swarms of flashing lights were really faeries and I was the only one to see them. Magic was all around.
From dreamy-eyed child to realistic adult, those precious moments of being immersed in fairy world are gone. Or at least, I thought so, until the opportunity to experience the synchronized firefly event at Elkmont Campground in the Smokies.
This weekend, I will be that young girl again and maybe, just maybe I will c…