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Review of Carrying Albert Home

Carrying Albert Home by Homer Hickam
I heard about Albert way before his fascinating story was revealed in Carrying Albert Home from Homer Hickam himself. As a fan and a follower of Mr. Hickam's work, I began noticing his own postings of photos of a stuffed alligator including selfies and travels as if the stuffed version of Albert were a Flat Stanley. 
My curiosity was peaked.
It was not long before the bestselling author explained his new obsession with all things alligator. I was hooked and began anticipating the story to come.
I was not disappointed. 
Carrying Albert Home is warm, funny and endearing. Fiction and non-fiction are blended together with such a delicate weave you don’t realize what is true and what is not. You however, are charmed by the main characters, Homer and Elsie as they struggle to understand their relationship. While humans can be so complicated, you add an alligator and a rooster and then it gets oddly weird but in a good way.
This story is so well told, reve…

My Brother's Journey with Depression

My little brother, Joe has a lot of talents. He works very hard five days a week teaching school, including afternoon practices with the soccer team he coaches. On Saturday he works at his other job at the Space Center nearby and he is the father to two precious little boys.Joe is funny, born to entertain! Just ask anyone who knows him. He is legendary as the crazy High School Mascot and was voted so many Who's who that he had to chose which ones to keep in high school. He seeks out attention in crowds and usually gets it. His face is the one on the big screen with his ugly teeth dentures he had made and his cap sideways. Anything for a laugh!But, as many comedians, the laughter is an external facade that covers an inward battle with depression.  Look at Robin Williams, who eventually succumbed to his hopelessness, or research funny man Jim Carey who performs on demand but struggles with his dark side in real life.Recently, my brother  had a message. He shares much of his battle n…