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It’s the small things; the day to day, minuscule tasks, joys, and pleasures that collectively make up our lives. It’s not the days of our lives but the moments of our lives.

Not all little things come with joy because each day brings both aggravation and pleasure.

Which do we focus on?
Sure we need the big moments, such as watching your favorite sports team (N'awlins Saints) play like a Stradivarius violin and we all go to bed dreaming of another run for the Super Bowl or Championship! 

The day we marry, the day we have a child, the day we win the Powerball or the day your child starts school...all larger than life bookmarks!

But life doesn't offer these moments on a daily basis.

I begin plundering this thought after noticing how excited my dog gets over the smallest things.

Shouldn't we do the same? 

What makes your tail wag?

Through the eyes of Cody, my dog-child, I see that it’s little things that bring extreme tail wagging throughout the day. It’s little pleasures like either …

Stupidity is incurable

(Revised Hometown Classic)

Stupid is as stupid does and its evident in the courts of law!

President Bush, in a speech while in Mississippi, stated “Frivolous lawsuits are seriously degrading the American way of life.” 

The key word is 'frivolous'! Which is another word for Ridiculous and means unworthy of serious or sensible treatment.

All it takes is for one stupid lawsuit to succeed and we are taught its okay to play.

Who remembers the famous McDonald coffee lawsuit? Stella Liebeck, 81 years old sued because she spilled her HOT coffee. Her reward for being so bold was a total of $640,000. Now she can afford skin graft surgery, a face-lift and Botox forever!

It's like winning a lottery, think you have been wronged well its your lucky day!
Yet, stupidity continues such as the woman who tried to sue a dead man?  Gayane Zokhraboy tried to sue this guy because his body parts struck her as he was being struck by a train. Thankfully a sane judge dismissed the lawsuit because the poor …