WHY DO I WRITE THIS I rarely get into Internet squabbles or defend the honor of Hollywood Celebrities, but I am in a campaign now online to support Chris Hardwick. Maybe my 14 years as a Lifestyle Newspaper Columnist empowers me, in my delusion, I feel I need to speak my mind. 
     Not that anyone may listen, but the inner writer still wants to speak--my voice needs to be heard even if the only ears are my own and my Mom’s.     My platform has dwindled since my last column in 2013...and with all the newspapers being sold or closed, etc., it's hard to find my archived columns and articles through a google search, I blog.
ME TOO?The recent #MeToo movement has brought great changes to our society and I celebrate the great achievements. Empowering the silent sufferers has turned around nasty behavior that was kept in the dark for too, please do not take what I am going to say like I do not support it...I have lived it. I am a member of the #METOO movement and n…



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Growing old: I stop - I drop

I stop…I drop
Age isn’t a number…

It’s a force, driving me to deteriorate daily, mentally and physically….
It is however, a privilege.

How will I choose to live my twilight years? 
Can I overcome the temptation to slow it down? To embrace the rocking chair mentality….to pronounce myself too old for such….
Even as I write this I am in pain.
I cannot give up pushing myself to hike trails, go on adventures, and mild as they may be to some, I am doing it how I want to. I am and have never been a thrill seeker. My mountain hike is about the journey, the freedom from concrete, and the view.

Obstacles: I injured my hip 4 years ago trying to show off to my twin boys on a bicycle ride…
Flashforward, two years ago, I decide to see what damage I did and fix the thing. An MRI revealed arthritis, no fixing.
My pain now comes from a re-injury to the area.
Instead of allowing the slower pace of healing my older body now provides, I hiked a moderately difficult stretch on the Appalachian trail and now I c…

My Jacket Message to the World

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