I Dream of the Day Cane's Comes to Town

I used to not like chicken tenders.

I wanted my chicken to have bones in it... like God intended.
In my Newspaper Columnist days, I even made the President of the Chicken Council in Washington D.C. upset! I wrote a piece about Jamie Oliver, the yuckiness of feeding chicken nuggets to our kids and was it really even food??…
I was being silly, the Chicken Guy wasn't amused. He rebutting me with a rebuttal to the editor.
There is life before Cane's and life after discovering Cane's.
Over 16 plus years ago, my Number 1 son ‘made’ me eat at this new place in Slidell, Louisiana. 
Raising Canes. 

To my surprise, this fast food restaurant's menu did not include anything but chicken tenders…
Once, I had eaten a McDonald’s nugget.
My expectation was low.
WELL, It was love at first bite.OMG…it was delicious. 
AND WHO Needs ketchup! Once I ventured down the road of Cane's sauce...I became hooked, addicted even!
My obsession began and my family all were introduced to the power of the Cane&…

Being Southern is...


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I am so weary of the technology hoops I have to jump through to have access to what use to come into my house so easily….television. 

Except for the occasional turning of the antenna outside, in my old days the pursuit of network television viewing was simple and free. Now that I think about it, I provided the child labor for the channel changer...

How I miss those days…sure, I had three channels, but that too was better than too many channels. Deciding what to watch now is an endless loop of channel rotation where nothing seems to satisfy.

The cost of cable has gone through my roof so we now have replaced it with streaming. 

Are we happy yet? Well, its not as easy, more complicated, and not free, but at least I could tell the cable company "buh bye"! 
That felt good.

In this tv new world (I know we are still catching up, give me a break, we forced my hubby into using a smartphone a couple of years ago) ...we now call stations—Apps. 

Initially, we have to download and setup and try…

Sweet Tea vs Cola


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The fight for Renewal of Colony USA is Over

The Update....the final answer
TWEET BY WrathofCondalFor the hardworking fans, the Outliers, that tried their best to have an ending, or the continuation of the TV show, Colony on USA...I say thank you!Thanks to all who signed our petitions... Its over. We tried. We failed.
I will find it harder and harder to invest in shows knowing that at any moment they can be yanked from the air, filling us with frustration. The lack of respect for the audience is growing....
#renewcolony #savecolony We have been defeated.  Back to real life...hope the best for the cast and crew of the series!

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