Why Who Dat?

As a long time New Orleans Saints fan, I don't recall decades ago chanting anything. Maybe it was because we didn't have a whole lot of success to chant about? Whatever the case, I still cheered the Black & Gold every week with my family.
Now, as a certified member of the Who Dat Nation, I embrace the chant proudly.
If you are curious about the detailed history of Who Dat? Then check out the Wikipedia page because I wasn't aware of its ministrel beginnings. Yet, just like the meaning of words change, so has the intent of the Who Dat. Its a rally call, a cheer, something that unifies us all, and it does not signify color, race, or hairstyle. It says, I am a New Orleans Saints Fan.
Here is the basic origin story of the New Orleans version of Who Dat. "Its earliest known documented link specifically to the Saints organization was actually a December 9, 1972 New Orleans Times–Picayune newspaper column reference to a player from an opposing team, Carl Garrett of the New …

John Muir's Yosemite


Who dat Kneeling?

I am an NFL girl, love my New Orleans Saints and still do. Who dat!

This past weekend, what I saw was painfully shocking to me. I was offended, hurt, and my first reaction was to complain…
“How dare 14 Saints disrespect the flag and anthem!”
After a few minutes, I examined my response. My goal in life is to not be offended in anything, like Christ, who was perfect… but I am not. 

So, it took a few minutes to reboot the system.

Then I did what millions of Americans did…I went to social media. Yikes!

I posted a sad picture of my dog, wearing his Saints jersey and expressed his sadness and disappointment in the actions of our beloved team.

But, I knew the hell storm that would be coming. Especially from all my Southern friends and family, this was not gonna sit well. The reactions were heated, strong and angry.

Don’t mess with Mamma, the flag or God!

I tried to gear my thoughts to “What would Jesus Do?” Rage at people that disagree with me? Spit out foul insults at the football players? Point …

Can a Solar Eclipse Really Blind You?

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Can a Solar Eclipse Really Blind You?

"Research also suggests that while a lot of the damage may heal, some may be permanent. One 1995 study followed 58 patients who sustained eye damage after viewing a 1976 eclipse in Turkey. Healing occurred during the first month after the eclipse, the researchers reported in the journal Graefe's Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology, but by 18 months, whatever damage remained was permanent up to 15 years later."