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Ten things that make me crazy

Facebook is the National Complaint Department!Twitteris the Official Soapbox!

You have something bugging you, its the trend now to go and post it. Maybe it helps to post, rather than go 'Postal'.

However, keep your complaining to a minimum, please.

Daily rants, whines, and tirades just make people look crazy....a negative naysayer that has nothing better to do with their time than tweak the world into perfection. You know the type, if you haven't hid them yet, there is at least one on your Face Book page.

Well, thankfully, as a writer, I like to gather my complaints so that I can regurgitate them full force with much detail.

Hopefully you can relate to a few of my complaints, if not, at least take pity on me......Crazy runs in my family tree. ******************************* What ten things drive you crazy?       For me......
#10. Extra pounds. Some call it baby pounds, some call it age, I call it extreme annoyance! Where in the rules of life did it say we had to accept the fa…