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Aging and Losing weight, How am I Getting it SO Wrong

In this day and age of too much information, the ability for our culture to lose weight remains a challenge, and especially for the over 40 something crowd. NO matter that we are bombarded by advice daily!

My commitment of going to the gym, scaling back rich foods, and drinking water should have in my theory helped to recreate my once youthful thin body. Wishful thinking wasn't getting it done.

For years I stayed in a health regime...a discipline of  cardio, weights, recreational exercise, eating mostly right and what did it gain me? About 10 to 15 pounds.

Who can win this battle of the bulge?
After suffering from a series of health issues since January, for the first time in years, my gym card was tucked away and only used a couple of times in the past eight months. My diet became more and more of ‘whatever’ and the power of carbs took me to the dark side. For years I had given up sodas except for very special occasions, however, my new job has exposed me to the temptation of the aft…