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Naked and Blogging! Oh my!

Here I go, sitting naked and typing my blog….so why not, the trend on reality television is doing things while in your birthday suit?
Our culture keeps hitting new lows just when I think we might take a u-turn back from Scumville! Television producers can’t come up with brilliant plots and story-lines so let’s rehash old shows and accent it with nakedness.
Adam and Eve were the first naked farmers and that didn’t last long.
Buying Naked is a show where you can shop for houses naked. As a former Realtor, I am wary of driving my nude clients around in the same vehicle my young sons have to ride in…you know…the seats??
What is the purpose of buying a house undressed unless the location is a nudist colony?
My husband loves survival shows and watches Naked and Afraid where they drop a man and woman in some remote jungle and film them being Naked and Afraid. It’s frightening alright! Do you want snakes and man parts in the same enclosed area? By the end of the twenty something days the title of …

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