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Selfies! Selfies! Selfies!

If I didn't have proof before, it is most evident now that this generation has become more and more self-absorbed when the new word for the year as ordained by Oxford the dictionary gods is “Selfie”.

Now that we are so advanced in our culture as to take our own head shots, I have discovered two major problems. The first, some people are not photogenic no matter how good the photographer. 

The second, narcissism is an epidemic.

There are now rules and to do’s regarding selfies that many who practice the art should adhere to but like many things in life such as texting and driving, dating and drinking, or opening mouth and speaking, there are the unaware offenders that suffer from a lack of propriety.

You have types of Selfies:

The “I-need-a-profile pic” selfie where a person is casually making a self photo, not really caring about the vanity of selfie posting. It’s a need and they fulfill it.The “Repeat Offender” who decides to continuously post a selfie every five minutes as if they …

The epidemic of meanness

I have no mean bone in my very Southern body, yet even I, in certain times of my life have found a mean comment, thought or action slip out.

It was most probably my desperation of fitting into a group, PMS, or just someone that deserved it.

Life is much better when you treat everyone with kindness and respect, even the rude ones; but some folks are just mean spirited.
 You can’t cure meanness.
Our kids are growing up in an environment where cruelty is much easier and accessible than in our days.
There is being mean and then there is “Bullying” which is the severe case that is under assault by our culture and it is a horrible person that does that deed. The climate of meanness seems to permeate the hallways and byways of our society today. It’s everywhere and at every age, although our younger are the most vulnerable.
With no place to hide from critics, the conversation of insults, ridicule and hate darts are coming at our kids via technology. The inability to disconnect socially is creati…