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Death of the Daytime Soaps

Get the defibrillator! Call the Priest! Warm up the fat lady!

The Days of our Lives as we know it are heading down the path of conclusion... housewives have left the building and the shrinking audience of daytime television is draining the life of what my grandmother referred to as her “stories.”

After all, how many times can Erica Kane get married? How many times can you kill off Luke or Laura?

How many evil twins can one person have?
As a young, girl, I grew up with the soaps on NBC, CBS and then ABC. I suffered with Erica Kane in the early seventies and I married when Luke and Laura were married. I had crushes on Jackson Montgomery, swooned at Scorpio’s accent and was attracted to the Hoff when he was Dr. Snapper on the Young and the Restless well before he began running on the beach with Pamela Anderson.

Erica (last name De jour) from All My Children has been a part of my life for most of my life! Susan Lucci started playing her very young and continues playing her into retire…

The Long Good-bye

The etiquette of dying and death
 If given the choice, would I prefer that the end of my life be instantaneous? Lengthy? Or drawn out over a few months?

These are some of the things I think about as I watch someone else go through the experience of dying or death.

What is better for me, for my family?

Not that I have a choice in the matter, so basically I am wasting time worrying over the inevitable happenings of mortality.

We all gonna die.  It is the manner of death that may create the most fear.

Dealing with the etiquette of death is something I have witnessed firsthand. Immediately, a crowd forms.

At the time, you are not considering their motivation for attending, but later you might wonder, why was so-and-so here I barely know that person?

So is the dilemma, some folks just want to be a part of the drama, instead of an ambulance chaser, I call them the hearse chasers.

When tragedy strikes, they are on the scene, addicted to the breaking news of life. Thankfully, they do blend in wit…

My Hometown USA: National Lampoon’s William’s Family Vacation

My Hometown USA: National Lampoon’s William’s Family Vacation: We took a trip to Purgatory and rented a room at the base of Hades while wildfires burned nearby.  Yes, like Bilbo Baggins, we were re...

National Lampoon’s William’s Family Vacation

Wetook a trip to Purgatory and rented a room at the base of Hades while wildfires burned nearby. 
Yes, like Bilbo Baggins, we were ready for another adventure in the Williams Gang style.
For the average family, summer means kids out of school and time for the family vacation. Typically, for our budget, that means a car vacation and another episode of torturous hours in a small space with two boys.
It’s a replay of Dumb and Dumber, what is the most annoying sound in the world? Repeat annoying sound, then add complaining, fighting, whining and start all over again!
Dumb and Dumber most annoying sound in the world
However, we have been planning to save enough to expose our twins to the joys of flying out west and discover less smoky mountains and more rockier, so, when a really good deal on airline tickets popped up on my husband’s radar, we jumped.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more beautiful than my moisture ridden, humid Appalachian Mountains, but it was time for something a bit diff…

The mysteries of a woman’s purse

Do not, I repeat, do NOT touch a woman’s handbag.
Not only will you have to defend yourself from an outraged female but you may encounter bacteria exposure like you have never been exposed to before.

Germy, cluttered, and packed with secrets are all a part of the ingredients that create the woman’s must have accessory --her purse.

What is in a woman’s purse? What does it say about the character or personality of the woman?

Do you trust a woman with a tiny bag?

I mean, how does she get everything she needs in there?

What about the suitcase woman, toting a Godzilla-sized skinned alligator stuffed with heaven knows what! You might find what’s left of her husband in there!

That isn't an original thought, if you have ever watched the quirky and funny movie, Crazy in Alabama with Melanie Griffith and Lucas Black then you watched her carry her dead husband’s head in her purse which was really a hatbox. Never fear, no one could smell the decaying corpse because the sealed tight Tupperware contai…