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History behind the Dunkirk Movie

Dunkirk is an intense, moving historical event as seen through several character's eyes from air to sea. As always, once I see a war movie, I want to know how accurate the events were played out by the Director, Christopher Nolan.

This article does justice to explaining the background to such an amazing time in history and one that could have caused a completely different outcome for World War II.

Article by Olivia B. Waxman at Time

The story of the World War II evacuation at Dunkirk — the subject of Christopher Nolan's well reviewed new film — starts well before the men who were part of one of the most famous events in modern British history reached the beach.

It starts in May 10, 1940, with a surprise German blitzkrieg bombarding Holland and the French-Belgian border with air raids, parachute drops and ground attacks. The move came as a surprise to the Allied forces, who had thought any German attack would come at the Maginot Line, a fortification along the French-German bord…