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Happiness is an ugly husband?

Now “they” say (the latest study "they") that a happy marriage is a woman with an ugly husband. Well if so, then let me be miserable with Hugh Jackman! Or Doctor McDreamy!Or that Thor Dude, Chris Hemsworth.

Possibly, I gave that thought too much "thought."
If I have to sacrifice myself, I will. Doom me to have to wake up every day and look at one of those guys.

It’s hard to be considered the ugly one in the relationship.

All this time, I thought the world's view of a happy woman was one who found a rich husband! Who knew it had more to do with his face rather than his bank account.

What does ugly got to do with it! Dumb is good. Rich is good.  But ugly?

Something is not right. So, what if your husband is better looking than you are but you both are considered attractive? How does that figure in the happiness scale if neither is ugly?

I vaguely remember another study many years ago that stated ugly men made better lovers so could that have something to do with it? A co…

What have you taught me 2013?

Another year has sneaked past and once again I take a reflective look backwards so that I may improve my frontwards.
To rate the year, it wasn't all that bad…
Even if, it was the dreaded year that I turned 50 years old! Or half a century! Yikes.
What happened in a nutshell in 2013?
We had another terrorist attack where Boston was able to show its strength, another epic catastrophic storm hit, this time in the Philippines where a hurricane the size of Katrina and stronger than Camille (my worst nightmare combo) hit and devastated the country.
As humans, we respond. We are fascinated with tragedy because it is where we find stories of true character and survival, something that appeals to us and frightens us at the same time, reminding us of our vulnerability.

This past year, our culture was introduced to trending fads such as the Harlem Shake and “Whatdoes the Fox say?”  I still do not know what the Fox says but at this point, I feverishly don’t want to know. I know what I say, please …