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Hymnal #5, On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand

Norman's song selection number 5, On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand ( I am bound for the promise land)

Instead of the lyrics, I provided this video with the words and an organ accompaniment. Just like your Grandma's church did it....and actually, just like my home church did it not that long ago....

I have a visual of Linda Rester playing that organ...and Norman at the pulpit leading the congregarion with his Vince Gill style voice.....

Now enjoy...

January's use to always get me down

Not anymore.

January rolls around every year, and it begins a darker period of remembrance for me. That’s just the way the dates of death fell in my family.
 My dad passed away three years ago and so we are still fresh in remembering him, in thinking he is still at home, waiting for a visit.

My husband Carl’s brother passed away on January 8 decades ago from Leukemia at the young age of 24.

My morbid month began in 1998, when I lost my husband to a freak vehicle/pedestrian/deer accident. For more details, you may check out my blog: The Day the Music Died.

So, this year was more surreal due to two things. The first, was that while mourning the death of Andrae Crouch, a monumental Christian music artist for most of my adult life, I went to my Baptist Hymnal on the shelf. It had been gathering dust. Inside, I discovered a small piece of paper that was written by deceased husband’s hand. As a Minister of Music, he would write down a list of hymn selections for a service to give to the sec…