Ten things that make me crazy

With the popularity of social media, everyone has a soapbox for all their complaints.

You know the type, their Face Book post is one whine after another! As a writer, I like to gather my complaints so that I can regurgitate them full force with much detail. Hopefully you can relate to my complaints or at least take pity on me.

What ten things drive you crazy?

Let’s get to my list:

10. Extra pounds. 

Some call it baby pounds, some call it age, I call it extreme annoyance! Where in the rules of life did it say we had to accept the fact as we age we must spread. This unwanted weight is bad for our health and self-esteem. Why do most readily accept it as the way it is, throw their hands in the air and give up.

Why doesn't my wardrobe gain extra pounds?

9. Toenail Fungus Commercials.

Please, stop the insanity. I have to turn my head during this awful display of toenail dysfunctions. Yuck! For years, we have had to suffer through personal hygiene commercials, such as adult diapers, maxi or mini pads, and feminine itching.

To add to our discomfort, the advertisers introduced sexual dysfunction commercials. The subdued message is a bit more restrained -- but give them a few years and the advertisers will have charts, explicit testimonials, and instructional videos or who knows what else to make their case!

Already the ‘Got to go bladder woman’ drives me crazy! It makes me want to go!

At the movies, they have for years been sneaking more and more commercials. I heard recently that coming to a screen near you; breast implant commercials are in the make. Why? We already have them, they are called beer commercials.

8. Aggressive salespeople and/or telemarketers.

Remember ‘Do not call lists’? Thanks, but they are still calling!! 

No, I do not want to donate to a mystery charity, or take a free vacation or to further my education. I am tired of winning American Government grants of $40,000 dollars by a foreign speaking lady caller. My answer? “Great! I won! Since the American Government knows all about me, including my address, please have them send me the check. Thanks…buh bye!”

In a store, most salespeople are helpful, unless they step over the line and become ‘Aggressive Salesperson.’ They follow me, comment on everything I touch, offer alternatives. Why is it when I need help they are always invisible? When I don’t want them, when I want quiet and peaceful strolling through the aisles, they are hovering over me!

7. Insurance.

This insuring of our things is now considered a necessity that is a luxury.

Life, Car, House, Health and Celebrity legs are all covered. What would happen if we all just went cold turkey and said no to insurance? What if we had to pay as we go? Or, if we used insurance for major disasters and not for every medical problem that comes up?

Why does auto and health insurance work differently? Since medical insurance covers checkups, and diseases why doesn't car insurance cover automobile checkups and repairs? A healthy car may not be as likely to wreck as a sick car?

6. Charging Technology
Low battery. Duh!

Nothing lasts forever, but technology batteries such as Iphone, Ipads, and laptops, etc…are in a constant need to feed. What is wrong with us that we have to stay so connected? Have you been to an airport lately? It is so sad, the desperate folks sitting on floors, next to electrical outlets with their devices charging.

5. Clogged Toilets!

It’s always shocking! It catches us by surprise -- the dreaded, clogged toilet. I have had toddlers who love to see the toys go down the whole. I have an active plunger….enough said.

4. Rude people.

Why do some folks live in a continuous bad attitude? Life is too short. Get over your ‘tude and get nice. But most of all -- get off FACE BOOK!

3. Keys.

I lose them.

The twins have been locked in the car in extreme heat. While on vacation on a mountain way back off the beaten trail, my keys got locked in the car. I have lost keys in exotic and strange places like in the freezer and one time, the garbage.

I love my SUV with key-less entry; it is great for people like me who are key-challenged but it only gets you into the vehicle, it cannot make it run.

Keys are not so very important until you lose them.

2. My Hair!

the many MEs

I tell every hairdresser to do their best and I promise I will not tell anyone who does my hair…its bad advertising for them. Every day is a bad hair day and don’t get me started on my adventures in coloring. Roots are of the devil.

1. Intolerance

What kind of intolerance? The definition is unwillingness to accept views, beliefs, or behavior that differs from one’s own.

We are humans. That is where our common ground lies. After that, culture, color, personality, religion and environment pull us into many varieties of thoughts, opinions and experiences. Debate is good when it’s respectable. We will never agree on everything. For example, the dress is blue and black…or white and gold….I saw blue and gold! What does that say about me?

I am very intolerant of intolerant people. Respect every human that you come into contact.

That is it, ten things that drive me crazy. Oh, yes, there are more. What drives you crazy? I hope it isn’t bloggers who complain about things that drive them crazy??


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