At the check out line

Check it out!

There you are minding your own business....and BAM! They gotcha! You fall victim to their evil plan. You are manipulated, tempted and baited with items at the check out counter. Why? Because they can!

are everywhere!
You are in the convenient check out line!!
I try not to give in to the corporate plot that wants me to buy an impulse item! Out of stubborn refusal, I stand defiant, but their techniques are strong and in certain weak moments, I cave. 

Secret plots! Paranoia! I wonder if the store's strategic policy is to purposely refuse putting more cashiers out, so the lines move slowly, so that I end up staring at the convenient items displayed around me longer, beckoning me to spend my money.
Add kids and it’s not only temptation alley but a power struggle with whiny rug-rats who are affected by the ‘greedy gimme’s’ thanks to the properly placed convenient toys. 
Who gets to the cashier and thinks, “Oh! I forgot a toy! I need a hot wheels fast! Or an overly priced sucker with a spinning light in the shape of Sponge Bob!”
 It is a money trap of epic proportions. Does the parent win in this case? Does corporate greed? 
The check out line is filled with many mines.
Hope you are not easily offended. 
THIS could be YOUR mother, its mine!
courtesy of

If so, don’t hang out at the magazine rack in the check out line. The air brushed beauties may be too fleshy for you, and just forget reading the racy titles.

I shop at one grocery store that politely censures the covers for their delicate natured customers by providing a white screen placed strategically in front of the magazine. I always peek. 
Not saying its right, just saying my curiosity will get me killed one day!
 What really aggravates me is that all these magazines are geared to women. At least the articles are, the beautiful cover girls only entice the men to stand at the check out line with a smile on their face; rarely do you find one actually buying a magazine. 

The opportunity lost is that these magazines could be educating our men with useful knowledge, like how to romance a woman? Complete a ‘Honey do’ list. Wash dishes! And the ten best reasons for leaving the toilet seat down!! 

Standing in line I become well informed of the progress of the end of the world, UFO’s and the brainless activity of Hollywood
My Mom and Bieber are an item!
For example I learned how to lose weight from Jay Lo who lost 40 pounds! Except, to emulate her success, I have to have twins again! Who is breaking up, hooking up and plastic surgeoning up! 
How am I suppose to lose weight when everything at the check out line screams calories! Candy, chips, soft drinks and chocolate! Oh my!
Do you ever see fruit at the check out line? Or celery sticks? 

Why not burn a couple of calories by walking a few feet to the chip aisle and buy a big bag for the cost of the convenient bag!

In the endeavor to help us out of our cash, the stores have filled the check out line shelves with helpful items such as pain killers, lip balm, tissues, pens, phone cards, batteries, an expensive box of band aids that is called a first-aid kit, flashlights, and warming lubricant oil for those things the magazines tells us about. 
Why am I complaining? Convenience always cost money.

The trip to an arena or stadium can take an ordinary hot dog and exhort the value to five dollars for bread and wiener. 
Does the word convenience mean, “You’re stuck and we got you?”

I think paying $5 for a coke and $7.50 for popcorn in a movie theater is more about extortion rather than
This old version movie theater in Winchester, TN
has reasonable prices on snacks!
convenience. Popcorn is cheap! It is part of the movie experience and should be included in the price of the ticket. 
You know, like a cruise ship where your stuck and HAVE to eat the food....all inclusive?
 We are at the mercy of the convenience monsters of the world. I pay the big bucks for the opportunity to gain what our country loves so well, immediate gratification. 
Could it be the downfall of our generation? 
Until then, you will find me at the check out line, reading, drinking, beating the youngin’s and grabbing for that convenient pack of corporate propaganda in the form of chocolate and instant gratification!


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