What have you taught me 2013?

Another year has sneaked past and once again I take a reflective look backwards so that I may improve my frontwards.
50 years old in 2013

To rate the year, it wasn't all that bad…

Even if, it was the dreaded year that I turned 50 years old! Or half a century! Yikes.

What happened in a nutshell in 2013?

We had another terrorist attack where Boston was able to show its strength, another epic catastrophic storm hit, this time in the Philippines where a hurricane the size of Katrina and stronger than Camille (my worst nightmare combo) hit and devastated the country.

As humans, we respond. We are fascinated with tragedy because it is where we find stories of true character and survival, something that appeals to us and frightens us at the same time, reminding us of our vulnerability.

This past year, our culture was introduced to trending fads such as the Harlem Shake and “Whatdoes the Fox say?”  I still do not know what the Fox says but at this point, I feverishly don’t want to know. I know what I say, please shut up! 

As for the Harlem Shake, I am more of a “twist-and-shout” kinda chick.

Thank goodness the Gangnum style faded.

Please, Mom, time to stop doing it.

My Selfie!
Our vocabulary grew with terms created from a public’s obsession such as the term of the year, “Selfies,” a representation of how self-centered our culture has become. The second term was “Twerking” which basically has repelled us from anything Hannah Montana. Do twerks do twerking?

And on that note: just hoping that if I do find myself showing my buttocks in public, I will do some squats first because my thought is, if it’s a beautiful body then most people won’t complain when its shown, such as a skimpy bathing suit; however if it is a visibly challenged reveal, we as a public will be overly invested in our shock and awe.

That is why the Enquirer shows us Celebs with imperfections and cellulite on their cover—and NO makeup!

If I were bombarded with Paparazzi, there would be makeup 24 hours a day….just sayin’.

Our 2013 brought us a new Royal being which seems to captivate the world. The birth of Prince George invaded our lives and was “breaking news”, the kind where they actually break into television coverage which is what breaking news use to be. Did a serious news anchor dude really break into Days of Our Lives at a vital plot-line point to tell us a royal baby in England had been born? He realizes the kid is just a Celeb and not really ruling the country? Today, the term “breaking news” is so overused by every outlet of media, including commercials that aliens would be invading and I would not look up to see ‘breaking’ news.

Maybe we are ready for a new term for instant notification of important stuff happening…such as exploding news, or “really breaking news” or shattering news or maybe just significant news!

We saw the empire of Paula Deen crumble and the rise of a new dynasty begin, Duck Dynasty. Paula’s verbal foot-in-the-mouth from years ago, using racial language cost her kingdom to fall but the Duck Commander crew was able to overcome their patriarch’s crude and controversial interview.

Yes, freedom of speech covers saying vulgar things but we also have the
Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty
freedom of being offended. I like Phil and was in no doubt what his religious beliefs were before the interview, but sometimes I don’t want it revealed so graphically.

But the gay thing came up, the gotcha question for every pastor or self professing Christian on any news media interview—it’s a hot topic.

Uncle Si and his tea glass
I can watch all kinds of Celebs create make-believe and disagree completely with their moral compass, their political agenda, and their religious beliefs so for those who hate the ones they claim -- hate, not real sympathetic.

Heah, now that's the fact Jack!

We learn that our country is still a divided land of people of “Us’ and “Them.” It’s not just in politics, but in moral and religious conversation, however, we must get to the point to agree to disagree. We are equal in value, but not the same in culture, personality, race, beliefs, moral barometer and convictions.

Can’t we all just get along?

I am with Jesus, casting no stone, loving my enemies, and doing good to those who hate me, (or just disagree with me!) and let God do the judging. WE are all guilty of something and disrespecting and judging others is not the Christ way.

It is okay to stand up for your beliefs but it should not be okay to hate because of your beliefs. Let’s face it, many ‘professed’ Christians and Muslims will hate a person for their sexual preference, in other countries executing them.

As for 2013, personally, it was a decent year except that I did turn 50 and that has been a monumental achievement. I embrace my age and flaunt my wisdom.
I watched my eldest son move to Dallas which is hard, knowing that I cannot see him often, but thanks to our technological world, for Christmas he was a tiny face on the Christmas table watching us open presents and then we
watched him do the same. It is not the equivalent as getting a big bear hug from my son, but it is warmer than a voice on a phone.

I have made goals for 2014. You can call them resolutions, but those are so flimsy. My main goal is to make it to 2015.

And as the twins, my last two children are turning into teenagers this scary year, we can all hope they make it to 2015 as well, because, “I brought them into this world….and I can take them out.” 
Cute as can be...Cade & Conner

I use to say, I could make more, but thank goodness that train has left the station!

Have an awesome New Year people!


  1. I so enjoyed reading this as not only was it informative, interesting and humurous as well. You have such a wonderful insight and gift. Thank you for sharing.


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