Ain't No Cure for the Summertime blues

  It is the lazy hot days of summer...
..... where you take a deep breath of fresh air but the humidity is so high you feel like you are sucking in bits of air and a whole lot of steam. It is the longest daylight hours but it’s too hot to go outside. Its children who seem to multiply as the day goes on and on. 
Pickin' Cotton in Bama
 It’s the summertime blues and according to Eddie Cochran, there ain’t no cure.

The summer blues reminds me of the old-fashioned hillbilly scene on the comedy show, Hee Haw where the actors are all lounging around on country porches, fanning themselves along with the laziest hound you ever saw and the scene is accompanied by the lethargic harmonica tune which always announces the skit.
Our version of the lazy hound...Cody

Summertime swim hole

I sometimes hear that music in my head on a dusty, lazy summer day.

As summer comes to an end, anxious children have just realized their summer fun is whittling down as ads of back to school begin to remind them that in a few short days they will have to hit the books once again instead of the pool. 

For as many kids that complain of short summer breaks, there are as many moms who cheer that school year brings peace and tranquility to their homes, at least after 8 o’clock.

Summer blues is sometimes escaped by heading to the local movie theater because during the summer the movie folks shove out all their best epic films to keep you in the air condition movie theaters.

Although it is getting harder each summer to find extra dollar bills to spend at the show, especially when the tickets, popcorn and a coke could be used to fund a car payment. Too poor to go to the movies, a Redbox and some microwave popcorn may have to do. 

NFL Saints & Titans
As for the Who Dat fans, the summer seems so long. We are anxious for the new year of football to begin and as the long days seem endless before we see our black and gold suit up for their first game we have to bask in the glory days when our guys went to the Super Bowl, a memory that has not faded. Pre-season has begun and the days of summer are dwindling down! Come on boys of fall, let’s hurry to the NFL highlight reels!

Summer blues means there is absolutely nothing on television to watch, because Hollywood actors must take the summer off. I guess the TV producers think everyone else is able to go on holiday for the summer and no one stays home to watch TV series. They must not have humidity in Celebville because many seek shelter indoors during the sweltering July and August heat. Did anyone mention mosquitoes?
Pea Pickin' in the summer

Canoe the Creek

No football, no TV, no escape from bored kids, what can this Mom do? I must sing the Southern Tracy Blues, “Summertime, and the livin’ isn’t easy, kids are jumpin and the temps are high. Hush little baby, don’t you cry!” Sorry Gershwin, but my lyrics are more fitting.

Just a few more days, the blues will go away, and we can begin the countdown of all things autumn. Cause there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues….


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