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Ten things that make me crazy

With the popularity of social media, everyone has a soapbox for all their complaints.
You know the type, their Face Book post is one whine after another! As a writer, I like to gather my complaints so that I can regurgitate them full force with much detail. Hopefully you can relate to my complaints or at least take pity on me.
What ten things drive you crazy?
Let’s get to my list:
10. Extra pounds. Some call it baby pounds, some call it age, I call it extreme annoyance! Where in the rules of life did it say we had to accept the fact as we age we must spread. This unwanted weight is bad for our health and self-esteem. Why do most readily accept it as the way it is, throw their hands in the air and give up.
Why doesn't my wardrobe gain extra pounds?
9. Toenail Fungus Commercials. Please, stop the insanity. I have to turn my head during this awful display of toenail dysfunctions. Yuck! For years, we have had to suffer through personal hygiene commercials, such as adult diapers, m…